Dexter cattle for sale in Kentucky

We offer Dexter cattle for sale to all cities of Kentucky

That One Farm offers a variety of Dexters for sale in following cities:

  • Columbia, KY
  • Cane Valley, KY
  • Garlin, KY
  • Gradyville, KY
  • Cundiff, KY
  • Knifley, KY
  • Milltown, KY

Dexter cattle for sale in Kentucky

We offer Dexter cows, bulls, heifers, and calves for sale in Kentucky and many surrounding states - we have affordable options for delivery which make us an option for most anyone!

We feel that Dexters are a great option for the Kentucky family farm or homestead.  Every mindful farmer should at least take a look at the breed and then make her/his decision.

At just one third the size of a typical dairy cow, the Dexter is said to be the smallest breed of cattle and yet (as stated on the ADCA site) a Dexter milking cow "can produce more milk for its weight than any other breed." Also, "the daily yield averages 1 to 3 gallons per day with a butterfat content of 4 to 5 percent. Yields of cream up to one quart per gallon are possible. The cream can be skimmed for butter or ice cream."  Though we don't personally see every Dexter as a true "tri-purpose" or "dual-purpose" animal,  a good percentage of these lovable creatures produce a very gentle and approachable animal.  We have witnessed Dexter cows that have never been worked with, but because of their temperament could be basically lead trained in under an hour.  We are talking about a mature animal with a new calf at her side.  To me, this is always seen as somewhat of a small miracle, and has actually been more common than one would even expect.

I often think of what a blessing Dexter cattle are!  They are one of the ONLY animals that I know of that can thrive on 100% grass/pasture (no grain).  I look at them as one of the only truly sustainable animals on the farm, and a wholesome alternative for the health-conscious family.

We have simultaneously enjoyed 3 or more Dexter herds and have had as many as 80+ Dexters here on the farm at one time... There's always plenty to see.  If you need help making up your mind, come spend an afternoon with our diverse herd of Dexter Cattle.  We can arrange for the sale and affordable delivery to all surrounding states including Kentucky.


Sell your Dexter cattle in Kentucky - We will help you!

We select Dexter cattle based upon the following traits:

Here on “That One Farm”, we like to look at cattle from the perspective of function more that even that of form or fad (even when it comes to taking a financial hit if necessary when marketing our herd).  Now, with that said, let me qualify that statement.  Though we love the diversity that comes with having a variety of color, and we appreciate a nicely conformed animal, there are things we don’t take into consideration when selecting a bull.  Things such as color, milk protein status, horned/polled status, etc.  At most, we would look at some of these things as a bonus when they come with a selected bull.  Within our network of Dexter breeders, we are sure to have an animal or even a herd that will meet your needs and wants!

Traits we do select for would include:  Masculinity or femininity, fertility, longevity, conformation, resiliency, docility, thriftiness/sustainability.  When selecting a Dexter bull (whether for sale of for our own use), we consider first-hand the dam, grand-dam, great grand-dam, and even the 4th, and 5th generations where possible.  We note things such as udder, feet, production history (is this animal a “bull producer”?), easiness of calving, mothering ability and attentiveness to calf, level of docility (if any sign of aggression is shown, we choose to not select a bull from that animal), what is the quality and condition of the steers previously raised out of this dam… we also consider things like a cow that is 20+ years old and still producing a beautiful calf.  Even though we have heard rumors of things like terrible Dexter feet, we have really never experienced these things for ourselves.  On the contrary, we have experienced a breed full of the most positive traits.  We think you will love the Irish Dexter breed as much as we do.

"By the excellence of his work the workman is a neighbor. By selling only what he would not despise to own, the salesman is a neighbor. By selling what is good his character survives his market."

- Wendell Berry

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Dexter Cattle for Sale

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