Start, or Grow Your Herd of Dexter Cattle

Dexter Cattle for Sustainable Farms

Dexter Cattle are one of the only animals that we know of that finish extremely well on 100% grass!

If you are looking like many others, for a sustainable way to raise a healthy and wholesome meat, without the use of grains, the Dexter breed of cattle is a great option for your family farm.  You may have heard about the “Dual Purpose” Dexter cattle breed…

Let us tell you more…  Our criteria for selection of registered Dexter stock includes gentleness, mothering ability, conformation, udder, feet, and overall health and history of each individual animal and it’s predecessors.

When we select a a bull for breeding, we have a long history and knowledge of what and where that animal comes from.  In many cases, we can show you pictures of dam, grand-dam, great grand-dam, and great-great grand dam.  You can be confident that we are selecting where it truly matters, so that your future with Dexter cattle is the best it can be.


Dexter cattle on our Kentucky farm also have the following traits:

One of three colors:

Black, Red, and Dun
Each Dexter color can vary based on a subset of colors

Polled or Horned

Horned Dexter cattle, hetero-polled dexter cattle, and homo-polled Dexter cattle

A2/A2 Milk Protein

Many of our Dexter cattle carry the A/2 A/2 milk protein

Trained to Lead

Many of our Dexter cattle are lead trained, and we have trained Dexters that are 2+ years old.

Chondro and PHA FREE

All Dexter Cattle in our herd are guarateed to be Chondro and PHA negative.

Variations of Size

Size varries from Dexter to Dexter.  While we prefer smaller Dexters, we also have a few on the larger side.

Our Dexter Cattle Herd Sires

Masculinity . Fertility . Conformation . Resiliancy . Docility . Sustainability

Dexter Cattle for Milk, Beef, & Draft

If you are looking for a true dual or even tri-purpose breed of cattle, there are many within the Dexter breed that meet this expected role.

We feel blessed to have found a breed of cattle that finish extremely well on %100 grass, produce a large amount of milk per pound of body weight, and are docile enough that a family farm or homestead can benefit from these traits.

Meet a few of our Dexter Cattle

Dexter Cattle for the Family Farm

 Dexter cattle are a perfect small breed of cattle for the family farm – Docile Cattle – Lead Trained Dexter Cattle

Small cattle for the family farm are becoming more popular all the time!  Dexter cattle are a great choice because of their smaller size, but also because of their level of docility and gentleness.

We have personally had experiences here in Kentucky with lead training or milk training Dexter cattle which are 2 years or older (without ANY prior training or handling).  We are talking about animals who have always lived in a herd environment, and in a matter of a few hours are basically lead trained.  While this may be somewhat of an exception, it is EASY to lead train and milk train a young dexter calf or cow.

We often have our children and family around these cattle working with them in various ways.  They are still larger than a dog, but we feel that Dexter cattle are a refreshing and viable option for a family farm cow.

As you can see to the left, children love to work with these young calves and help train them.  Lead trained Dexters are the best family cattle we know of.  We would love to get you started with a Dexter cattle starter herd or even a single Dexter calf.

Beyond Organic Irish Dexter Beef

All natural – NEVER GMOs – 100% Grassfed – Wholesome!!

Our little family started raising 100% grassfed Irish Dexter beef many years ago.  We have found it to be a great blessing and are excited that we can offer a truly sustainable and beyond organic product to other families looking for a wholesome alternative to what is typically available at the market.

This is meat raised the way nature intended.  We believe that herbs (often referred to as weeds) are wholesome and for thousands of years have been said to have medicinal values.  These happy animals get access to a wide variety of wild herbs and plants that we believe supports the overall health of the animal.  In turn, this means a healthier harvest for our families!

Dexter beef is highly regarded by top chefs such as Paula McIntyre, James Martin & John Torode “The best roast beef in the world.”

We offer delivery to the meat processor of your choice.  Sold on the hoof or USDA out of our freezers. 

Naturally Raised Surplus Raw Honey

We call it “SURPLUS” because it’s ONLY what the bees don’t need.

We feel it a pleasure to work along side of these amazing creatures and receive all of the many blessings which are provided through them.  With all of the talk about how the honey bee is failing, we take responsibility for striving to support the well being, and success of this truly united effort.  We look to the honey bee as a pattern of oneness or unity.  The way we long to live… in community as one, working together for the good of the whole. We receive as a gift only that which the bees don’t need for their own family to continue on.

Start, or Grow Your Herd of Dexter Cattle

Dexter Cattle for Sale

Finding just the thing you’re looking for can be hard.
We are committed to helping you find the Dexter cattle for sale that will be the very best addition to your Dexter herd.

– The Dexter Cattle Lovers at That One Farm